Ras Tafari Renaissance

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


I welcome you all to yet another posting here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations!  We thank all that have shown their support for this platform (in the name of Yeshua HaMesHIHa) & pray that the Father continues to bless all of you with a bountiful life going forward.

We interrupt our usual posting schedule to bring you updates from in & around the Hebraic communities of our affinity.  As we continue to seek the guidance Abba-Father, we take a moment to reflect on the generation that has built upon the foundations that have been laid before us.  We recognize our patriarchs (not withholding any honor to OUR matriarchs) for their service and diligent determination to continue the work of Hebrew generations to come.


We initially refrained from posting on the immediate passing of these influential brethren but, in lieu of, their sequential transitions we now would like to make mentions of their contributions in the spirit & the truth to shed more light on the Teshub(v)a-“return” to the Father that has been taking place so rapidly.

lion of judah - jerusalem

We make mention to acknowledge Ras Seymour McLean (transitioned Oct. 2014), Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris (Nov. 2014), & most recently Ben-Ammi Ben-Ysrael (Dec. 2014 – as reported by the immediate African Hebrew Israelite Community [Dimona] of Jerusalem; Israel) 

trinity - ethiopian painting

We honor these valiant brethren and elders to us here RRR, for their service, their brotherhood, and spiritual guidance in the special time that we currently are living in today.

We also make way for the spirit of God to continue to be a lamp in the darkness of this world or turmoil as we seek to transition from out of God’s way and return to Law & Grace.

We encourage those who are willing and able to honor our Hebraic patriarchs who have passed on to the spirit world in this wilderness wandering generation.  We also hope that we have your prayers and sentiment as we continue in the way set for us in this world.  (YH willing)

Shalom / Selamta family!!!

 - from (L) to (R)  Ras Seymour McLean, Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, & spiritual leader Acki Ben-Ammi ben-Ysrael
– from (L) to (R)
Ras Seymour McLean, Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, & spiritual leader Acki Ben-Ammi ben-Ysrael

*** NOTES *** :

below gives info on each individual, feel free to browse at your leisure

• http://www.rastafarigroundation.com/pt/10017-Ben-Ammi-Ben-Ysrael—Spiritual-leader-of-African-Hebrew-Israelites-transitions–OFFICIAL-STATEMENT-from-Community-10017/blog.htm

• http://tlv1.fm/so-much-to-say/2014/12/28/abba-hagadol-the-leader-of-the-african-hebrew-israelites-passes-on/


• http://www.blackjews.org/Bio%20of%20Black%20Rabbis/Rabbi%20Paris%20Biography.htm

• http://rastafari.tv/digital-memorial-documentary-loving-memory-ras-seymour-mclean-faithful-comrade-book-liberator/


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