Ras Tafari Renaissance

The House Of The Assembly


እንኳን ደህና መጡ/ברוכים הבאים
Greetings & Welcome in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellasie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


I welcome you all once again, here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations, we have come to bear our own interpretations of the Scriptures from the light of Ras Tafari.  I, Lidj Yefdi (pronounced Lij, Yef-dee), will be  honored to be your guide & will lend assistance where JAH ALMIGHTY will allow I&I to provide it.

Please, excuse me for not covering what is known as the parsha or Torah study portions that preceeded this thirteenth edition?(of this 2013 Gregorian yearly calculation) But, I assure you that if you are patient with me, we will continue with we have presented here & pick up where we may have left off in our studies.  I&I pray for the successful inner-, under-, & over-standing of the Holy Scriptures; seeking the wisdom of Ras Tafari, leading us to Higher Heights.

Blessed Love!

In the meantime Ras Tafari Renaissance would like all you, who come into to check out the posts & reasonings, to indulge yourselves in some gifts we have for you.  Your enjoyment of these are thanks enough; so please, freely receive?…

pic of selected speeches of HIM

The Selected Speeches & Utterances Of Haile Sellassie I.pdf-format(RRR)

…so much more to come family…


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