🎙️ “Ras Tafari: ON THE BRINK;” Interview w/ Abba Yahudah Selassie [01/21/2019] 🎙️

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,

Greetings, yet again to one and all, from “Lidj Yefdi” (pronounced Lij; Yêf-dee).


🎙️ “Ras Tafari: ON THE BRINK;” Interview w/ Abba Yahudah Selassie 🎙️

JOIN US Monday, January 21st, 2019; we’ll have our 1st Interview w/ Ras Tafari artist & author, Abba Yahudah Selassie. You can find the “Ras Tafari: ON THE BRINK,” podcast on either:

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A Journey to the Roots of Ras Tafari” (The Essene Nazarite Link)

A Journey to the Roots of Ras Tafari: The Essene Nazarite Link by Abba Yahudah Selassie

✡ Sigd – ሰግድ ✡

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,

Greetings, yet again to one and all, from “Lidj Yefdi” (pronounced Lij; Yêf-dee).

Ras Tafari Renaissance writes to give perspective to the Ethiopian-Hebrew(Jewish) holiday of Sigd.  This Hebrew(Jewish) holiday holds specific significance only among the Ethiopian Jews, better known as the “Beta Israel.”  Among many different ethnic Jewish/Hebrew peoples, (taking in specific: geographical location, heritage, preserving of traditional practices, & observances to Torah) there are certain adherents observed, and Sigd seems to be one of those specific adherences pertaining to the Ethiopian Jews. Though, now there are many Ethiopian Jews that have relocated to the State of Israel, & other parts of the world the tradition continues to bear perserverance.



Sigd, is celebrated 50 days after Yom Kippur, marked by fasting, praying, & the entire community walking to the highest point, on a mountain, (in Ethiopia.)  The Qessim(or priests) of the community would carry the Orit(Ethiopic Torah), written in the liturgical language of Ge’ez, and the Book of Nehemiah would be recited.


Sigd, has two oral traditions among the Ethiopian Jews, dating back to the 6th & 15th centuries, respectively.  Sigd symbolizes the acceptance of the Torah. The Qessïm have also maintained a tradition of the holiday arising as a result of persecution by Christian kings, during which the Qessïm retreated into the wilderness to appeal to God for His mercy. Additionally they sought to unify the Beta Israel and prevent them from abandoning what the Ethiopian Jews, or the Beta Israel knew as the ኃይማኖት – CH’aymanot  (laws and traditions of Beta Israel) under persecution. So they looked toward the Book of Nehemiah and were inspired by Ezra‘s presenting the “book of the law of Moses/Torah” before the assembly of Israel after it had been lost to them during Babylonian exile.



Sigd - ethiopian jews


Ethiopic & Hebraic New Year comes To Its Head (2010/7510EC-5778HC)

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,

I welcome you all to a new regeneration of cycle Torah readings!  This is another one of the many interpretations of the Scriptures from the light of Ras Tafari by, I, Lidj Yefdi (pronounced Lij, Yef-dee).

Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations is here wishing you all a VERY HAPPY ETHIOPIAN NEW YEAR!


RRR is proud to have been here studying, giving commentary, and sharing in the fellowship of Ras Tafari.  It has been thoroughly enjoyable, & fulfilling to see the responses from all of the people from all walks of life, seeking truth, wherever it may be found when pertaining to the Scriptures, (in the light of Ras Tafari), as well as, other topics and subjects.


We are coming up to OUR Hebrew-Lunar cycle of time-keeping and will continue our Torah for the Hebraic year, which has been brought to year 5778 H.C. (Sept.20-22, 2017)

But, in OUR Ethiopic-Solar New Year 2010/7510 E.C. (Sept. 11, 2017)

Sun & Moon Ethiopic symbols utilized by Tsehai Publishing.
Sun & Moon Ethiopic symbols utilized by Tsehai Publishing.

Though, the year has had its times of trials and times of joy, & some seem to outweigh the other, we all have come though another year, in hopes of seeing many more. (RRR wishes peace, and prosperity to you all!)

Going forward, RRR, will continue its attempt to expand in reach, aggregation of intel, and building beneficial relationships …There has begun a process for bringing forward hard copies of this past year’s Sabbath readings with RRR commentary, & availability with be provided for all of those who, wish seek to retain a copies.

(A preliminary exclusive previous compilation has been completed & is also available, here for those who so inquire….link below)


etyyopiya shall stretch forth her hands(Ps.68_31)

We thank ALL of the Supporters and visitors to this platforms as well as, other we participate in.  Those who may have spread the word whenever a post was made hear at RRR, or heard whenever I, and many of my confidants were hard at work collaborating in many projects; I also thank you very much!  We look forward to seeing what will inspire you to do something meaningful, in the near and far future.  For all of this we give thanks to none other but the MOST HIGH! & for bringing you and yours safely to yet another year.

Please stay tuned, to these blog posts, because there’s is so much more to come…

So, in ushering in Hebrew Observances, that should be relevant and incorporated into the Ras Tafari consciousness.

Since the inception of Ras Tafari it has been clear that the Ras Tafarians proclaim ancestral heritage with Hebraic peoples of antiquity.  Sharing ancestry with the Imperial House of David’s Solomonic Dynasty, in Ethiopia; by way of King Solomon & the Queen of Sheba.  With that said, seeing how Ethiopia has become the ONLY Christian church upholding its Hebraic traditions intact, it should hold a critical place in the Ras Tafari faithful and those of like minds to adhere to original Christian and Hebraic practices.


So, in this post we here at Ras Tafari Renaissance would like to put, all that continue to, and are maybe, just checking out the site for the first time on notice.  In the continuance of bringing you all, Ras Tafari interpretations of the Scriptures from a Bible-based foundation, we’ll also bring about the basics of over-standing Hebraic Observances/Holidays/Holy Days, and build on that foundation.

As the year comes to a close from ancient ways of time-keeping to the more modern ways, Ras Tafari Renaissance comes to the Hebraic New Year, with the anticipation of bringing the blog viewers into a deeper understanding of what is being produced here on this site.  Bringing more of the Hebrew and Amharic languages, into comprehension and use.


For tonight, will bring in the new month of Tisrei – תִּשְׁרֵי .

[Lev. 23: 24]

“…the seventh month, the first day of the month, ye shall have a sabbath, a memorial, of blowing of the trumpet (shofar – שׁוֹפָר), an holy convocation…”

a member of the Commandments Keepers, from NYC, blowing the Shofar.
a member of the Commandments Keepers Congregation, from NYC, blowing the Shofar.

& as [Numbers 29:1] says, the festival/memorial will be Yom Teruah – יום תרועה , (“Blowing of the Horn“)

ordering of the Hebrew months
ordering of the Hebrew months

for more information on this Holy Day & others, check under the NOTES…..






  • Ethiopian Equivalents; EnQutatash – እንቁጣጣሽ , or Meleket D’mts Metasebiyah – መለከት ድምፅ መታሰቢያ/ Mebacha Qen – መባቻ ቀን _ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enkutatash




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45th (ክፍል/פרשה) Study: Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


So, with this Hebrew Shabbot(or Sabbath day) if those who actually open up their Bibles to read in a Jewish/Hebrew cycle of readings, & thoroughly discern, nonetheless studied either the Torah portion of W(v)a’etcḥanan-וָאֶתְחַנַּן , from the Jewish or Hebraic Calendar in the year 5775 year, this Sabbath day would probably be accounted for as the 15th-טו, & the 16th-טז, of the month of Ab(v)אָב‎.  (the Hebrew Calendar corresponds to a Lunar cycle of the Moon) From an Ethiopic-Christian perspective and calculation these readings from the Scriptures would align to what is known also as, Lämänhu-ለመንሁ.  This would calculate as the 24th-፳፬, & the 25th፳፭, of the month of Ḥämlé-ሐምሌ.  The Ethiopic calendar is solar (with its correspondence to the Sun) aligns to this Sabbath (or Senbet-ሰንበት) in the Ethiopian language of Amharic, which is currently one of the languages of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church(the other language being Ge’ez-(ግእዝ).


Deuteronomy 3:23- 7:11

Isaiah 40: 1-26

Matthew 23: 31-39

Mark 12: 28-34

w(v)aetchanan - parsha2

We begin the second reading of the Book of Deuteronomy, with Moses pleading with God for a chance to see the Land of Promise.  For his disobedience to God at the Rock and Waters of Meribah, where Moses struck the rock instead of sanctifying his name (name of YHWH) in the sight of the children of Israel; God told Moses, he would not enter into the Promised Land; but he would be gathered to his people along with the generation of the wandering in the wilderness.  (Wa’etcḥanan-“& I Pleaded“)

"& I pleaded/besought" _ referenced from [Deut. 3:23]
“& I pleaded/besought” _ referenced from [Deut. 3:23]

Moses knowing that though God favored him in grace, he was still displeased with the Striking of the Rock at the Waters of Meribah.  For his disobedience and the disobedience of the children of Israel that came out of Egypt, during the “Exodus,” he remembers that God said that he, along with that generation would not enter into the Promised Land.

[Deut. 3: 23-27 ]

w(vaerchanan - parsha4

God, instead allows Moses to go up atop Pisgah, & view the land, but God also instructs Moses to encourage Joshua, because he shall lead the children of Israel in to the land.

[Deut. 3: 28 & 29]

Moses charges Joshua to Lead Israel into Canaan [Deut. 3: 28] _ painting by James J. Tissot
Moses charges Joshua to Lead Israel into Canaan  [Deut. 3: 28]  _  painting by James J. Tissot

Moses was also instructed by God to stress the emphasis on keeping God’s laws, statutes, commandments, & judgments that they were taught.  The children of Israel were to hearken to those laws & teach them to their children, also to the following generations.  The children of Israel were to never turn to worship, or the works of the hands(or idols).

[Deut. 4: 1-22]

The children of Israel were instructed to heed of the covenant with God, which they received at Mount Sinai.  Failure to do so would result in the punishments or judgments, for disobedience. (ie; the scattering of the people among many other nations, and serving idol gods, etc.{Duet. 4: 27 & 28})

[Deut. 4: 23-40]

Deut. 4: 26-31 (...the LORD will scatter you among the nations...)

Moses, then set up the Cities of Refuge, which God had command bet put in place.  So, Moses severed three cities: Bezer, in the wilderness, Ramoth, in Gilead, & Golan, in Bashan.

[Deut. 4: 41-49]

w(v)aetchanan - parsha (cities of refuge to Reuben-Gad-Menasseh)deut.4.vrs41-49

& Moses also reminded the children of Israel of the covenant, which God made with them, while they were at the mountain of Sinai.  Whereas, the Decalogue was iterated to them as apart of the laws, statutes, commandments and judgments, they were to keep & teach to the following generations.

[Deut. 5]

decalogue-stone tablets

All the laws, statutes, commandments and judgments of God, were the children of Israel to learn, & teach to their children.  Even the Word of Witness(or the Shem’a), they were to hear, observe & do; that it would be well with the, and that they would increase in the Land of Promise.

[Deut. 6]


waetchanan - parsha [word-of-witness_Amharic]w2 revised2014

& with the Word of Witness, the children of Israel were given, they were also instructed to love God with all their heart, soul, & strength(might). [Christ says; heart, soul, mind & strength (Mk. 12: 30)]  & they were to love their neighbors, as themselves, having these words not only come from their mouths, but be in their hearts.

(see. Apostles ask CHRIST of the 1st Commandment of all[vr.28], & CHRIST tells the first & second Greatest Commandments.[vrs.29-31]  Mk. 12: 28-34/Brit KH’adashah-Haddis Kidan)

[Deut. 6: 1-6]

Deuteronomy 6: 7 & 8

When the children of Israel were to come into the land, keeping all of the laws, statutes, commandments, & judgments of God; they were to drive out nations like; the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, & the Jebusites from among them.  The children of Israel were to have dealings with them, as well.

[Deut. 7: 1-11]

* SHABBAT NACHAMU = “Sabbath of Consolation” =שבת נחמו  *




✡ Acknowledgment of OUR Ethiopian(Black)/African Hebrew Teachers ✡

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


I welcome you all to yet another posting here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations!  We thank all that have shown their support for this platform (in the name of Yeshua HaMesHIHa) & pray that the Father continues to bless all of you with a bountiful life going forward.

We interrupt our usual posting schedule to bring you updates from in & around the Hebraic communities of our affinity.  As we continue to seek the guidance Abba-Father, we take a moment to reflect on the generation that has built upon the foundations that have been laid before us.  We recognize our patriarchs (not withholding any honor to OUR matriarchs) for their service and diligent determination to continue the work of Hebrew generations to come.


We initially refrained from posting on the immediate passing of these influential brethren but, in lieu of, their sequential transitions we now would like to make mentions of their contributions in the spirit & the truth to shed more light on the Teshub(v)a-“return” to the Father that has been taking place so rapidly.

lion of judah - jerusalem

We make mention to acknowledge Ras Seymour McLean (transitioned Oct. 2014), Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris (Nov. 2014), & most recently Ben-Ammi Ben-Ysrael (Dec. 2014 – as reported by the immediate African Hebrew Israelite Community [Dimona] of Jerusalem; Israel) 

trinity - ethiopian painting

We honor these valiant brethren and elders to us here RRR, for their service, their brotherhood, and spiritual guidance in the special time that we currently are living in today.

We also make way for the spirit of God to continue to be a lamp in the darkness of this world or turmoil as we seek to transition from out of God’s way and return to Law & Grace.

We encourage those who are willing and able to honor our Hebraic patriarchs who have passed on to the spirit world in this wilderness wandering generation.  We also hope that we have your prayers and sentiment as we continue in the way set for us in this world.  (YH willing)

Shalom / Selamta family!!!

 - from (L) to (R)  Ras Seymour McLean, Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, & spiritual leader Acki Ben-Ammi ben-Ysrael
– from (L) to (R)
Ras Seymour McLean, Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, & spiritual leader Acki Ben-Ammi ben-Ysrael

*** NOTES *** :

below gives info on each individual, feel free to browse at your leisure

• http://www.rastafarigroundation.com/pt/10017-Ben-Ammi-Ben-Ysrael—Spiritual-leader-of-African-Hebrew-Israelites-transitions–OFFICIAL-STATEMENT-from-Community-10017/blog.htm

• http://tlv1.fm/so-much-to-say/2014/12/28/abba-hagadol-the-leader-of-the-african-hebrew-israelites-passes-on/


• http://www.blackjews.org/Bio%20of%20Black%20Rabbis/Rabbi%20Paris%20Biography.htm

• http://rastafari.tv/digital-memorial-documentary-loving-memory-ras-seymour-mclean-faithful-comrade-book-liberator/