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“I Have Set Before You, Life & Death” _ Deut. 30: 15;19

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,

RRR 2014-15 front pg

I welcome you all to yet another post here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations.

Enduring the test of faith, we seek to move forward and continue to present the audience, who may check out the things being displayed here, with sincerity.  The sign of the times gives ones of many specific regions and mindsets a unique set of perspectives.  These perspectives coming from various ares of study and geographical areas, all seeming to have a universal underlying theme; screaming things to the effect of, “truth,” being “forthright,” so on & so forth…

With that said, we’ve come to write about the the misappropriation of the so-called “reason for the season.”  This being a Shemittah year or(Jubilee) from a Hebraic tradition and cultural perspective; the acknowledgments of ancient wisdom is crucial.

The time and seasons through ancient knowledge perceived the patterns of many things among the Earth’s cycles.  Improving their theories with detailed attention and scrutiny of nature many had come to similar conclusions; even if by varying point of views.

Martin Luther shouldered a Reformation in Europe, which had adverse effect on the signs of the times, or so to speak during the Medieval period.

Along with Martin Luther the “Reformer,” there were many others brave souls who dared to oppose the naysaying establishments of their times.  Souls like: William Tydale, a highly skilled translator of the Holy Bible (more specifically the Hebrew and Greek texts), John Wycliffe, and Thomas Cranmer. (also too many others too name without leaving one out…) _

We here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations show our honor and just do credit for the sacrifices of these individuals.  These valiant individuals who sought to bring about the truth and essence of the Scriptures; even in the face of extreme adversity.

For the spirits of perdition shall be lurking about, even among the simple minds of many people during the next few days.  But, of course, we write to all who know not what to make of these so-called “fun” times; for some people.  nearly all of the festivities and celebrations which are collectively thought of as “Halloween” practices are less than a century old.

fun - etymology

Over-stand that there is always more to a story than meets the eye.

After all, Martin Luther hung his “95 Thesis” on October 31, 1517.


To compress the extensive research RRR, is conducting we present our audience with the highly regarded researchers of the film(documentary)

Lamp In The Dark: The Untold History Of The Bible

So Rasta, Tell Me; “Are You A Mason(Freemason)?” part 5

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


I welcome you again, to Ras Tafari Renaissance for yet another installment, of the Ras Tafari and Freemasonry explanations.  I, Lidj Yefdi (pronounced Lij, Yef-dee) thank all of you, who have supported the works here & your attention and feedback is certainly appreciated.



Going forward with the fifth portion of this subject, we continue in coming to an understanding that Ras Tafari may seemingly, have its small inklings of a relationship, or so to speak with modern Freemasonry; but, there are clearly distinctions which position each, at opposite poles.  We will examine these aspects in building on the previous posts.

 So, in the fourth edition of understanding the complexity of the supposed close proximity in ideology between: Ras Tafari and Freemasonry, we now have even more firm grounds to either confirm or deny this conception.

Even with the obvious, difference between Speculative and Operative masonry; also, the lines drawn between “mainstream” and Prince Hall Freemasonry; Ras Tafari Renaissance is ready & willing to present each and every one of you with more factual information, as well as evidence that Freemasonry has no place in Ras Tafari.

Though, Ras Tafari Renaissance makes this statement with no apology, unwavering; it is known that challenges will arise because of things like this that ignite argument and confusion: …..

H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I in Knight of the Garter regalia in England

H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I in Knight of the Garter regalia in England ; [pic1]

One of the Most Disrespectful slanders of His Imperial Majesty: never having valid proof, ALL word-of-mouth propoganda...

One of the Most Disrespectful slanders of His Imperial Majesty: never having valid proof, ALL word-of-mouth propoganda…  ; [pic2]

Equating H.I.M.'s style & grace to unusual ( or foreign: covertly Freemasonic)

Equating H.I.M.‘s style & grace to unusual ( or foreign: covertly Freemasonic or simply unoriginal)  ; [pic3]

Even the sheer association with well-known Freemasons, brought about unwarranted accusations

Even the sheer association with well-known Freemasons, brought about unwarranted accusations  ; [pic4]

Ras Tafari Renaissance, would show you more of the images, which have been misinterpreted, misunderstood, & used as propaganda to plant the seeds of deception about the King of Kings of Ethiopia, but, we would rather deal with the slander, out right lies, and elementary; “isms” and “schisms” of the untaught & wicked minds of this type of counterintelligence, with what has been found as evidence to present others to seek & find, for themselves.

Ras Tafari Renaissance will further present a case on the “speculative” propagating suspicion of the last Emperor of Imperial Ethiopia, Haile Sellassie I’s possible involvement in any Freemasonic order or Lodge.  But, let us examine this further, shall we?….

Now, the first image (from the above images of the Emperor of Ethiopia) shows Haile Sellassie I, in the decorative apparel of what is known as Order of The Garter.  Now, the aforementioned, noble order has been mistakenly taken for as having a connection to Freemasonic origin.  Unfortunately, for those who hold to this claim, come up short whereas; there stands no “Order Of The Garter,” in any Freemasonic organizational degree, or any other solid information that presents such.  (from what has been gathered about the orders of Freemasonry; there was a listing placed in the 3rd installment of this series)

Now, for further confirmation of the dissidence of the Order Of The Garter having no ties to Freemasonry directly; for starters the orders that came to become the orders of Freemasonry, weren’t the only orders of chivalry from medieval times for one thing.

The order was founded by Edward III, in 1348 , its patron saint is Saint George and it is the highest order of chivalry/most senior, that exists in England. (Its was also founded in a Christian kingdom)  

order of the garter symbol

Now, it should be noticed that Æthiopia, is also a Christian kingdom, in which the patron saint also is Saint George.  But, let us examine how and possibly why Haile Sellassie I, could’ve found himself being apart of this order.  Well, for one thing the Order Of The Garter made selections (post- creation), from those chosen personally by the British monarch, at the given time, to active public officers who contributed significantly, in a particular way, to national life or who had conducted or were conducting service, in favor of the Sovereign(England).  To make it plain, Haile Sellassie I was well-respected to a  certain extent among the British.(later Britannia, showed a dissidence between time periods, especially toward the Imperial Ethiopian monarchy)

To the second image, where Emperor Haile Sellassie I, is taking a picture with his signature hand gesture and an awful, unproven accusation of , (which many Ras Tafari have interpreted as the “sign of the Trinity“; others have given interpretations of H.I.M.’s usage of this symbolic gesture as the Hand-sign of Practicus; which would give credit to Hermeticism, Occultism, or Mysticism. (ie. the Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, etc.)  But, it can be said, for the record, that the exact meaning of the hand gesture that H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I, seen forming, in many images, is still a topic of discussion.  One thing for certain is that, it more than likely, can be put forth as a working hypothesis; that this hand gesture was only known in fullness, by Haile Sellassie I, himself.  Though continuous study, research, and theoretical presentation raise thought provoking questions and quests seeking sufficiency in bringing some sort of answers to a matter, such as this.

One thing Ras Tafari Renaissance, has found quite peculiar is the connection between many researchers bringing the hand gesture Haile Sellassie I, into a mystic, esoteric, or occult category.  One comparison that may of you are sure to find is that this symbol has been brought up, in the same breathe as that of the Kaballah, from the mystic extent of Judaism.

example of Jewish Mysticism, Kaballah "Tree of Life" (diagram)

example of;) Jewish Mysticism, Kaballah “Tree of Life” (diagram)

The word Kaballahקַבָּלָה , in Hebrew comes to an English meaning of “receiving/tradition.”  Now, there should be some obvious questions as to why this is being mentioned here but, here’s where things begin to open new doors to understanding.  Because, in the language of Amharic, there’s a word with similar meaning and phonetics(sound); the word Qebeleቀበለ, has the meaning of “receiving,” also brought to the English language, also.


(RRR-; cites LOJ Society Inc., for presenting such eloquent & well-documented studies on the relationship of the of the Jewish Kaballah, having roots in an Ethiopic interpretation) (RRR-, would also like to commend A.A. Rashid, for his impeccable research into the mysticism of the Kaballah)

Q'ebele-to recieve

Ras Tafari Renaissance, again presents the case that with the Amharic language being the mother tongue of Emperor Haile Sellassie I, and the obvious connection, Linguistically between Hebrew-Amharic words for “receive”; in the words: Qebele(Amharic) & Kaballah(Hebrew), should it be such a surprise that Haile Sellassie I, would have a very in-depth wisdom in what is known as mysticism of today?  (*challenge for researchers)


…elaboration on pics-, three(3) and four(4), along with part 6, to come…

So Rasta, Tell Me; “Are You A Mason(Freemason)?” part 1

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellasie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,



Fair Use: 17 USC § 107


I welcome you all again to yet another post from Ras Tafari Renaissance:
I go by Lidj Yefdi & I’am appreciative to all of you who have taken the time to check out the information I’ve placed forth here. The things posted here are usually not in the category of the accepted normalcy, of the way of the world, in these times.  I, personally, would like to think of the things I present here as “outside of the box,” “off the grid,”…so on & so forth. So, if one was looking for the average way of doing things which would be the, in my opinion, conforming to a system of calculated redundancy that leads to destruction.

Welcome  Masonicpaedia.org - maintained by Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge Masonic Research Circle

In this post, Ras Tafari Renaissance would like to delve in to the misconceptions between Ras Tafari & the fraternal organization of Freemasonry. Of course, this post will most certainly, again be a very controversial & I'(eye)-opening presentation, but it also will be an enlightening one.

Now, as the world has become totally “spooked” out by the boogeymen whom everyone has dubbed them as the Illuminati-“Illuminated Ones,”

illuminati ambigram

there comes, as usual, the missing links to what hold the truth about what all of this is about.

Please, don’t expect this post here at Ras Tafari Renaissance to go into a long-winded, unsupported, finger pointing, blame game of how Ras Tafari has no parts in what has become the talk of the times, today. [well,…maybe long winded, but supported nonetheless, lol.] (esp. with “Freemasonry,” & the perception of the “Illuminati” ) Ras Tafari Renaissance, intends to present facts, to be as accurate as possible, & make the best corrections of specific subjects when the time is appropriate.


Freemasonry,….a fraternity or fraternal organization that has debatable origins has seem to gain a presence in the minds of many who have found themselves come across what this organization may stand for.  Some give accreditation to Freemasonry’s beginnings in the Stone Mason’s Guild between the periods of the 14th-16th century.(& more than likely around the areas known as the British Isles; Scotland of England of today)

supposed painting of the Stone Mason's Guild_possibly 14th century

supposed painting of the Stone Mason’s Guild_possibly 14th century




Others attribute the beginning of Freemasonry to more ancient origins.

Rebbi Norvin H. Bey Isra-El, occult teachings on Freemasonry/Order of the Eastern Star

Now, before we go any further, let’s really lay some foundational understanding of what a mason is, what one may do for occupational or recreational activity.

Ladies & Gentlemen, brothers & sisters, loving friends, family, even you haters & conspirators, welcome to the Revelations of Ras Tafari Renaissance.  The “emancipation of the minds from mental slavery” (Redemption Song_Bob Marley – ብርሃነ ሰላሴ), has only begun.

here just a few things to check out, to smooth you all over until part two….. MAY JAH GUIDE, BLESS & KEEP YOU!

Redemption Song! Bob Marley I-tation(meditation)  HUDADE to FASIKA (Ethiopian Passover)

BIGG UP! Lion of Judah Society of His Imperial Majesty

 So Rasta, Tell Me; “Are You A Mason(Freemason)?” Part 2, ON THE WAY…እባክዎን(please?) do not adjust your screen, just open your eyes, because this site is not for the Blind I’yez, I-yah

I-yah I-yez


Greetings in the names of His & Her Imperial Majesties of Ethiopia: Emperor Haile Sellassie I & Empress Menen Asfaw.


Welcome to all once again, to another posts from Ras Tafari Renaissance! I, Lidj Yefdi, will bring to you yet another thought provoking “word-sound”(presentation) that is sure to get your attention, if you’re not faculties are intact. If there not, hopefully this will awaken them.

yom hashoah3

יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה
Yom Ha’Shoah; Holocaust Remembrance Day, memorial day set in place by David ben Gurion and Yitzhak ben Zvi, in the State of Israel. Yom Ha’Shoah commemorates the Jewish people who perished during the Holocaust in Europe, during World War II.

In this post, I will give reflection on the commemoration which has its place on this day. To so many, who come into the Judaic faith, (in one way or another), today has its significance in there hearts and minds. Why???,…Well, today is a day when one should take the time to examine their own life and truly look upon how they value themselves, as well as, others. Today is what has become a  memorial to those slain in the perilous times of World War II, and suffered nearly endlessly at the hands of Nazi-Germany and Nazism, as a whole.

In this presentation, I will do my best to refrain from giving every single detail of the horrific events that took place during this time. (I will leave that up to YOU ALL to educate yourselves & teach your children along with those around you, what kind of importance this matter has!)


But not only the European-Jews but, many other people were subjugated to physical torture, castration, euthanasia, toil, despair, and many other horrid acts. So, in this day in age, though many things have changed, I can clearly see, by JAH’s(God ALMIGHTY) grace that many things have stayed the same. But, it should be no excuse to not educate yourself, and those whom we continue to say, “hold the future in their hands” about how to treat people, conduct themselves in a civil manner, stand on truth, and take heed to moral principles.

Romanis who did not fit into the ideology of the Aryan race.

Romanis who did not fit into the ideology of the Aryan race.

The mentally & physically handicapped; also did not fit.

Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Propaganda

Jehovah’s Witnesses were faced with a similar demise, in these times.

yom hashoah14

Homosexuals, suffered horrific torture, as well, under Nazi-controlled Germany.

Afro-Germans suffered the same fate as the others who didn't fit into Nazism plan.

Afro-Germans suffered the same fate as the others who didn’t fit into Nazism plan.


yom hashoah2

Communists, Socialists, and trade union leaders had become political opponents to Nazism, as well.

euro-jewish holocaust(yom hasoah-holocaust day of remembrance)6

Differences held for nothing inside concentration camps.

Differences held for nothing inside concentration camps.

In Auschwitz

In Auschwitz

yom hashoah5

Let this day be a hard lesson learned that evil knows no boundaries, and what was right in the past,…is still right today & tomorrow.





yom hashoah8

yom hashoah9

haile sellassie's war


Lidj Yefdi“-Yohann Immanuel