Ras Tafari Renaissance


Ras Tafari Renaissance welcomes to the light of Ras Tafari in Revelation times!

Lidj Yefdi, shall be your companion in an unfolding of stories with many hidden parts, unfulfilled prophecies, and pure curiosity of things overlooked. So stay tuned! Because, what you thought you knew will unveil more than you ever believed you ought to know.

“Ras Tafari,…you mean the ganja smoking, drum playing, loud singing people who seem, at best, a bit eccentric, but very captivating?…” This is just one of the many thoughts that come to mind about what most people know about Ras Tafarians & their charismatic way of life. But, have you ever wondered if there was something deeper?,…Could these dreadlocked, red-gold & green wearing, people of the bush, really believe what they speak? Or are they simply just another attractive cult with talents that stretch as far as their spliffs? After all, people love Bob Marley, but could there really be a place in the world for such a people? Well, it seems as though, you opened a door that could possibly lead you into a path that not many have traveled. Hope you enjoy & gain from what you may discover. Because, there are many questions to be answered.



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11 responses to “About”

  1. Hi, I just check your Star Trek hand signs and Pharell Williams. Something of note in the latest in the movie series, they included the Ethiopian Trekkie – Dr. Spok’s girlfriend – and her name was ‘Nyota Uhuru’ which means ‘Star Freedom’ in Swahili language of East Africa.
    Stars of Jacob come out and shine…


    • Much, much thanks for the comment! I’m really happy you’re able to begin to connect the dots. Hopefully, the more that gets posted here; the better others will be able to “OVER-stand(understand).”


  2. Greetings Brother from Chile (South America). I am really glad the Rastas in many places are using at last the Bible as the main Instrument to Jah Guidance. I only feel that it could be necesary, that as a Rastafari congregation we must have 1One global overstandig of the scriptures.. from my part i’ll keep studing the bible.. and i give thanks for iniciatives like this that can make an Utopi Real, to have ONE voice, One God, One Aim and One Destiny (Sal. 37:29).


    • Hola y gracias a mi hermano,(hope i&i didn’t overdue that?…)
      But you’ve got a point there brother Ras Francisco, as those who seek to do the will of His Majesty come into fullness, we study and find that His Majesty’s value on the Bible is of high standards. We also come to find that most of the keys we are looking for to take Ras Tafari to Zion is only with the Bible, holding on to JAH WORD. Thank you, so m uch for the comment & I hope to reason with you more….I&I pray JAH Bless & Keep the I’. One Love


  3. Greeted warmly , I’m a musician of Polish and I would like to use Haile
    Selassie drawing seen on Your site for the cover of my album (Christ or “The Pantocrator” relic found at Saint Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai, Egypt region.) . Issue will be only in
    the amount of 100 pieces because I can not afford more. The album seems
    alone, without a record label .
    Can you release me permission to use the picture ? best regards, Andrew
    Ciochoń / team Kołtun


    • Shalom/Selam (Peace be to you!), Bush

      Honestly, brethren as a Ras Tafarian giving thanks to His Majesty, I know of no stipulation or rule that forbids an individual from utilizing His Imperial Majesty’s image. Even he himself, never made a claim on using his image, as far as presenting it to the world. At the moment I’am unable to recall the EXACT statement made by His Majesty, but if the I’ has a serious inquiry, please don’t delay sending me a message to revisit my archives, check with my mentors, & confirm which image you are wishing to utilize? I can be reached via email link here: jfdi13@yahoo.com

      ….Probably the only obstacle for using His Majesty’s image would be to, do so tastefully and honorably. But, of course in the world we live in many have taken copyright offenses, in using Haile Sellassie I’s image, along with other Legal matters which I will attempt to help you prevent from sharing His Majesty’s message with the world. So, please send me a link, & I will be sure to get with you as soon as possible.


  4. Our Order is not affiliated to PRINCE HALL MASONRY. The ancient mystic order came to the USA in the 1920s from Ethiopia long after Prince Hall was well established. The order still operates discreetly in Jamaica


    • I personally want to thank for coming forward with that information! RRR here on the blog, is still seeking more vital information about the possible influence of Freemasonry among the initial stages of the Ras Tafari movement in Jamaica, as well as, other places. So, I’am not absolutely certain that you may be assessing that the post suggested that the Ras Tafari movement was started out of Freemasonry, because RRR has come to that conclusion with the little information/documentation that has been acquired. But, we cannot make any solid claims to any of this until our research proves such.

      I’am willing to speak more these terms about Freemasonry in Jamaica, if you are available or know of one that would direct us to more credible sources, because as the post mentioned; we intend to set the record straight. So if you are willing and able, we would like to contact you for more supportive material?…


  5. This first-of-a-kind study edition of the Kebra Nagast might be of interest to you, and certainly it would be of interest to me to receive feedback and commentary.

    The book is multi-touch interactive, with a great wealth of video and audio material. I think it is truth worth sharing and spreading so I’m bringing it to your awareness here.


    Because of the multi-touch features, it is currently only available for iPad. A free sample is available, which is a real downside, but due to my limited technological sophistication for how to create it for other platforms…

    From the flap: “The Kebra Nagast is Abyssinia’s most important indigenous Christian Wisdom Literature. It is often described as the account of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, their son Menelik, and how the Ark of the Covenant came to reside in Ethiopia. However, one would be tragically mistaken to consider it ‘just another religious story surrounding the famous encounter of Israel’s Wise-Man King and the Queen of the East’.
    Instead, the Kebra Nagast must be seen first and foremost as an important ecclesiastical commentary and interpretation of the Christian Faith, as viewed through the spectacles of Ethiopia. Given Ethiopia’s unique history as an island of Christianity with roots dating back to the days of the Apostles, the text should be of singular interest to any person interested in Biblical scholarship.
    Additionally, the Kebra Negast must be seen as a sort of spiritual manifesto of Ethiopians’ national identity, or Ethiopiannes. In particular, the Kebra Nagast functions to identify Ethiopians as the ordained ‘Keepers’ of the Biblical covenants between God and Man, and Ethiopiannes as being ‘in-keep’ of the covenants ordained by the God of Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and Jacob.
    This identity is shared by Ethiopian Jews (Beta-Israel), Ethiopian Christians, and Ethiopian Moslems alike and is central to the ancient heritage of this fabled country.
    Note: The book is a multi-touch book, which contains a modern transliteration of the first 18 Kebra sections. The Study material is all about the Black Family’s Legacy, which is Knowledge of Christ, and Glory to the living God of Creation. I think it’s a powerful document, and a must have in a Rasta library…”

    If you would give it a look, I would be delighted about feedback/comments/reviews…whatever you find in you.


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