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Commemoration of the Formation of the E.W.F., Inc.

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,

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I welcome you all to another posting here at Ras Tafari Renaissance, also thanking all of the supporters who have continued to show their compassion and interests in this platform.

In a memorial, Ras Tafari Renaissance recognizes the commemoration of the forming of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc., on August 25th, 1937 in New York City, USA.  This day will also serve as a recognition for the works of the Special emissary sent to Black America, by the King of Kings of Ethiopia.  Dr. Melaku Emmanuel Bayen, a physician, and member of the Imperial Ethiopian royal family attended Marietta College – would later be known as Muskingum University(Muskingum College), Columbus State University, & finally Howard University for his graduate studies; during that time becoming the first native Ethiopian to receive a college degree from an American university.  Bayen also started the Ethiopian World Federation in NYC (1937), at the request of His Majesty Haile Sellassie I, and had an emphatic influence on the African diaspora worldwide.

dr melaku emmanuel bayen


Many know of the contributions of the Caribbean peoples of African descent, but little is known of the descendants in the diaspora of other places aside from the valiant Afro-Caribbean islanders.

On October 4, 1935, the Fascists of Benito Mussolini’s Italy invaded the Empire of Ethiopia. Ethiopian, being the only non-colonized African country asides from Liberia (to a certain extent) the invasion of Ethiopia sparked a profound response among Afro/African-Americans.  While some Italian-Americans who supported Fascist Italy, signed up and volunteered to enlist their skills, and resources to Italy; the some Afro-Americans enlisted their support and skills, to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Is Now _ J.A. Rogers and the Rhetoric of Black Anticolonialism during the Great Depression (by Aric Putnam)


Ethiopia Is Now: J.A. Rogers & Rhetoric of Anti-Colonialism During the Great Depression;
by Aric Putnam

afra-american volunteers for the 2nd ethio-italy war _ WWII

African-Americans volunteer to serve Ethiopia’s forces during World War II in Harlem, (Manhattan) New York City.

Of course, after the great victory of Ethiopia over Fascist Italy and end of World War II (WWII) came, Emperor Haile Sellassie I granted 500 hectares of land to any of the descendants of Africans, (though members of the Ethiopian World Federation Inc., Ras Tafari communities in the Caribbean & the USA, would become the custodians of this mission) who suffered the atrocities of the diabolical Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

first settlers of shashamane land grant

This was only the result of multiple and tactful operations made by the efforts of the Ethiopian Empire and the adoration from African diaspora of the West along with others who were willing and able to contribute.  The founding of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (Aug. 25, 1937; NY, USA), was what came from the mobilization of the descendants of African diaspora during the time of Fascist aggression.  These actions also lead to the settlement of the land of Shashamane; Oromiya, Ethiopia on the continent of Africa.

HAILE SELASSIE’S Special Black Emissary: Dr. Melaku E. Bayen



Afro-Americans, along with Afro-Hispanics, and Afro-Caribbean peoples, organized themselves to seek more settlement post-slavery, and industrialization in the West, which unrest among these nations not of their origin provided constant struggle for peaceful sustainability.  The 1961 Africa Mission, which many from the various Ras Tafarian communities, and members of the Ethiopian World Federation put together and carried out with advisory of some African nations.

(see Africa Mission 1961′)






Ras Tafari Rising w- Ras Amde Mika’el (Negus Amlak) Interviews Intl. Pres. Ima Young of the EWF, Inc.






So Rasta, Tell Me; “Are You A Mason(Freemason)” part 3

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellasie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


So, we continue with this series of lines drawn between Ras Tafari and Freemasonry.

Now, we have come to the third installment of this sure to be controversial series.

In part two, we covered the topics of operative & speculative masonry.  This topic can easily be researched, the resources can come from a variety of places, but if I were to make any suggestions; I would more than likely direct anyone, who would like to dig into the subject thoroughly, to any library.  A Library, preferably with governmental documentation would be a good start, & of course, there’s always the internet(or at least, for now…), but taking into account that many freemasons, wrote extensively on certain subjects like this one, are surely a plus.  So, looking into some publications by recognized Freemasons, is a more solidified option.

(though, the language of many resource material[of Freemasonic writers] can get a little “tricky”, mainly because some of the intent is meant to go over the majority of people’s heads,{or so to speak}.  If you’re not a Mason[ie. Freemason, Shiner, etc.] its a guarantee that you’ll misinterpret most of the content without further research)

Though, the resource is written for public view, consumption or perusal,… please, know that everything there is to know about Freemasonry is even many times, hidden from the some Freemasons, as well. (…the whole “Hidden In Plain Sight”…adds to that notion, also)

[ here some authors who were masons or masonic writers/commentators, to check out: Manly P. Hall, Pascal Beverly Randolph, Albert G. Mackey, J.S.M. Ward, & Albert Pike ] …just to name a few whose works might be accessible…

Also, in part two of this series we touched on the Templar Knights & the Crusades.

supposed map of the Crusades

supposed map of the Crusades

The “Templars” have been connected in so many ways to modern freemasonry that many have drawn the conclusions that the Freemasons are surely descendants to the Templar legacy.

Now, here is where the story seems to jump all over the place!….(literally, ALL OVER THE PLACE!)  Supposedly after the fall of the Templars in Europe there was a growing disgust for their military order, faith-based practices, & what they stood for altogether.  So much so, there were monarchs, religious figures and others, who sought to annihilate them.  The reasons vary, simply because the Templars were accused of many acts.  Supposedly being a Christian military order, it was said that they carried out “pagan” rituals, had become immersed in greed, & lived by their own principles even to the dismay of others.

[vids giving a synopsis of the story of the Templars]

–notice at, the time(07:25-07:30) the narrator says not only Muslims were killed in the Christian Crusade, but Jews as well. Also, near the ending of this first section[something to ponder…??]


(2.) http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/the-knights-templars-and-freemasonry-english-2/QqCZyrNFoIG3sZtdQ16glw

(3.) http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/the-knights-templars-and-freemasonry-english-3/Yy1pl4h-3-S_97_2s3_xCg

Columbus's ship that sailed West, did bear "Red Crosses." Surely, any children's history book can confirm that...?! "Colombus sailed the ocean blue, in 1492.".....hmmm

Columbus’s ships that sailed West, did bear “Red Crosses.” Surely, any children’s history book can confirm that…?! “Colombus sailed the ocean blue, in 1492.”…..hmmm???


Ah, but also in the year of 1492, the Jews that resided in Iberian Peninsula, along with other parts of Europe were Expelled. (including the Moors, which conquered the area & lands adjacent a little over half-a-century prior)....isn't that interesting?

Ah, but also in the year of 1492, the Jews that resided in Iberian Peninsula(modern day Spain & Portugal), along with other parts of Europe were Expelled; continuing a wave actions which had been perpetuated against Hebrew people & Moors alike during the time. (the Moors, conquered the area & lands adjacent a little over half-a-century prior)….isn’t that interesting? [thought: could this have been a precursor to “the Crusades?“]

(4.) http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/the-knights-templars-and-freemasonry-english-4/yWXjmZah7wORh8ZsvKundw

(5.) http://www.blinkx.com/watch-video/the-knights-templars-and-freemasonry-english-5/viBAAaTkBzA34KFhwTEj0A

Freemasonry does hold rankings of Knights Templar orders. More than likely, they're contained in what is called the York Rite.(Modern Historical, Chivalric, & Philosophical Grades)

Freemasonry does hold rankings of Knights Templar orders. More than likely, they’re contained in what is called the York Rite.(Modern Historical, Chivalric, & Philosophical Grades)

complete listing of the degrees of Freemasonry, confirmed from: Lester, Ralph P.; Look To The East, Revised Edition, copyright 1944/1971 re-publication

The History Channel's presentation of how the Templar Knights surviving few escaped annilhilation is also another source for study of the origins of Freemasonry.

The History Channel‘s presentation of how the Templar Knights surviving few escaped annilhilation is also another source for study of the origins of Freemasonry.

Yes, the story of the Templars and Freemasons has brought about an inception in the America, supposedly before the arrival of Columbus.

Although, clearly the issues of the documentation present some very peculiar facts, the grounds which they stand upon in principle seem quite precarious.  Leaving the solidified source to the origins of Freemasonry, “still up in the air.”  But, keeping with the topic of discussion, we can conclude that modern has certainly studied to access the workings of the Knights Templars.  Also, in incorporating orders into the highest of their ranks, in that of the medieval system of chivalry.

Now, I know that it seems that we’ve laid much ground work, but I can assure you with this in your mind at this point it will help you in going forward with the rest of this series.

So, we’ve come to the realization that Freemasonry is an organization, pulling ideology from the medieval era of Europe.  Now, believe it or not with all of this evidence to research, many people still seem to bring Ras Tafari to an extremly close proximity to Freemasonry.  On one hand, Ras Tafari Renaissance, can confirm that Freemasonry expresses the values that could very well come to a closeness to Ras Tafari, but the differences speak in high volumes.

Moving on, we’ll dive a little deeper into the symbolism of Freemasonry & gain a better grasp on the application of their speculative masonry. Then, we’ll come to the blurring of the lines between Freemasonry and Ras Tafari.


square and compass

we’ll see you in in part 4…