Reasoning Assessments: Going Forward

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


Again, Ras Tafari Renaissance, welcomes you all to yet another post.  We thank, each and every one of you for continuing to check out the presentations here!

In this posting, (Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations)-RRR, would like to show its appreciation for the Ras Tafari family; as we “Yankee” Ras Tafari (Afro/Afra-American, American, & American of mixed heritage); would say “across the pond.”

So, with great pleasure, Ras Tafari Renaissance would like to thank all of the initiators and members of the Ras Tafari Council of Britain-(RCB), and also the Ras Tafari Global Council-(RGC; based out of the U.K.).

If you haven’t noticed it, Ras Tafari Renaissance does have a link to the Ras Tafari Global Council & here’s another link to the Ras Tafari Council of Britain- …so link them up, & come let us reason with each other.

Ras Tafari Renaissance, would also like to commend the family of Ras Tafari, who are working to diligently to preserve Fairfield House. (the residence of Ethiopian Imperial House of David in Bath, England; during the time of Fascist-Italian Invasion_[1936–1941])


But, now that the acknowledgements are done, let us go ahead to the subject matter we’d like to get into…

One of the bredrin, of the RGC-RGB, which Ras Tafari Renaissance holds as a very intellectually savy bredrin, Tony Tafari; proposed quite a few thought provoking questions for reasoning among Ras Tafari.  Certainly, Ras Tafari Renaissance sees a need to address these questions, for the benefit of forward progression and unity under the banner of H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I.

So, first off, Ras Tafari Renaissance would like to thank bro.Tony Tafari for his works among Ras Tafari in the U.K., and for presenting these questions for reasoning as building blocks for Ras Tafari to stand firmly upon in a progressive manner.

Now, to the questions:

“All mansions (of Ras Tafari), were formulated during the reign of our Divine Teacher (& King of Kings-RRR) H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I.”

1) “What was the purpose of the formations of the mansions?”

2) “Why were these mansions created?”

3) “Can we identify the successes of these mansions?”


4) “Are we living in a post-mansions era?”

_ critical thinking  & reasoning provided by Bro. Tony Tafari

Before we even attempt to answer these questions, let us look to the Land That Was Promised & of course, the scriptural texts of the Holy Bible.  For it surely is the base of Ras Tafari, in all its glory to the glory of the Kings of Kings of Ethiopia.

[For my part, I glory in the Bible”….H.I.M. speaking on the Bible(cited: Speeches Of Haile Selassie)]

Also, before we begin to take in these questions for reasoning, let us remember that growth is the goal and forward progression is the direction we would like to continue in.

[…“The Old Testament is the New Testament, concealed; & The New Testament is the Old Testament, revealed”…Ras Tafari elders]

Now, we must first understand that these “mansions” of Ras Tafari were an attempt to regenerate the revelations of the New Testament or the New Covenant. (meaning- using Biblical references gave contributed to the formation of the mansions of Ras Tafari)

[Jhn. 14:2_”…In my father’s house, there are many mansions…“]

Be it known or unknown to the Ras Tafari elders, who initiated these happenings, or were around to witness the initial beginnings of these events, the significance of the activities of the Ras Tafari elders had yet to unfold.

With this said, we must learn that the various mansions of Ras Tafari were indeed created during the reign of H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I as Empror of Ethiopia, but they were also created after the creation of the Ethiopian World Federation(1937).  In fact, the Ethiopian World Federation was the organization that initially brought the Ras Tafarian community, as a whole, to the formation of a unit.  Let us also go farther to put the priority of the formation of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.(EWF), into its proper order.

The (EWF) was an organization that was the order of the King of Kings of Ethiopia to Dr. Melaku E. Bayen to organize those who would aid Ethiopia in its time of need during the Fascist-Italian invasion; so neglecting the importance of the (EWF), as a gift to the people, to choose to join or neglect would certainly put any Ras Tafarian’s legitimacy in question; youth or elder.  Though, in some circles the Ethiopian World Federation Inc., has seemingly become a sort of, mansion,[ to some ]; we’ll explore more into that notion, at another time.  The Ras Tafarian community internationally became forerunners vocally in the veneration of Imperial Ethiopia, & with the formation of the (EWF), with its various branch communities, the actions began to take place for a formal centralized organization.

The Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.(EWF), was created in New York City(1937) with the push coming from then extremely close relative, physician, and Emissary Dr. Melaku Emmanuel Bayen, sent by H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I, to America for the sole purpose of organizing the Ras Tafarian community and the Western Hemisphere’s African diaspora.

It should be noted that the mansions weren’t created until the death of Dr. Bayen, with the hailed first Rasta Leonard P. “GONG” Howell, being the first yet again, to split from the EWF because of….(an unknown reason to us here at Ras Tafari Renaissance; aside from the passing of Dr. Melaku E. Bayen)

1. So, in a humbling and still under investigation, answer*; the “mansions” of Ras Tafari clearly came about, in attempt to reignite the fire of Ras Tafari spirit & to work in a productive manner to bring about unity among the collective OVER-standing.

(OVER-standing= to fully have an understanding; for those not of Ras Tafari.)

But, truly, if we, as Ras Tafari are completely honest with each other; in the pursuit of forward progression, we must acknowledge the fact that Ras Tafari, WAS united under the banner of the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, with the incorporation of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc., which stood as the ordained order of the King of Kings, H.I.M.self.   for the formation of the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. (this part of OUR story has to be revisited, especially in finding out whatever happened in the time period between {1937-1939}).  Mainly, because aside from the unfortunate, passing of Dr. Melaku E. Bayen; I&I would also like to explore what other happenings among the Ras Tafari elders, that led to the split-up of Ethiopian World Federation, Inc.(EWF) & eventually the creation of OUR Ras Tafari mansions.

Because it is clear, that instead of following in the footsteps of our Ethiopian family & uniting when times were escalating out of control,(ie. like Ras Mengasha, Yohannis IV, & Emperor Menelik II, during the Battle of Adwa...) we sectionalized ourselves from each other, slowing the process of our full liberation & self-determination.  But, by grace, even this has brought about a vital learning experience for us.


Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. founded, Aug. 25, 1937; NYC, USA

EWF Local/Branch #17 records establishment in Jamaica (1939), with L.F.C. Mantle as President, and members like Joseph Nathaniel Hibbert, & Henry Archibald Dunkley, along with others as charter members.
Just a small portion of a newspaper article clipping from Dr. Bayen‘s VOE(Voice Of Ethiopia)

But, there was also a split from the EWF Local in 1941 & forming of a Ethiopian Mystic Masons order; which may or may not have been the Ancient Order of Ethiopia.
Another newspaper article snippet from VOE(Voice of Ethiopia)

Leonard Percival Howell & possibly the first Ras Tafarians or the “Howellites”; were apart of the (EWF) in 1938…split from EWF in 1939, forming the Ethiopian Salvation Society.

The Nyahbinghi Order of Ras Tafari, wasn’t a coined or more truthfully assembled group until the gathering of the family of Ras Tafari, who moved with the spirit of revolutionary Queen Niyahbinghi of a region congruent to southern Uganda & northern Rwanda, who fought against colonialism in Africa, rose up in them.  These actions led to the formation of the establishment of the Youth Black Faith with Ras Boanerges(Elder C/Bongo Watto) being accredited as the initiator in or around Trench Town-Kingston, Jamaica.  Bringing about the creation of the Order of the Nyahbinghi. (circa 1946-1948)  

The Nyahbinghi organized with a Theocratic governmental restoration aspiration of the King of Kings Imperial kingdom, in mind.

rastafari elders

Bobo Shanti Order Ras Tafari, wasn’t a formed mansion until the teachings of Prince Charles Emmanuel took hold, in 1958.  Prince Emmanuel is recorded to have been apart of an (EWF) Local in Jamaica, previous to his establishment of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress and Church of Salvation.

Prince Emmanuel in Priestly garb(Shepheard) with a photo of H.I.M.
Prince Emmanuel in Priestly garb(Shepherd-like) with a photo of H.I.M.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel mansion of Ras Tafari, was initiated by a Vernon Carrington ( better known by Ras Tafari as, Prophet Gad), in and around years of 1967-68.  But he was also enlisted as a member of the (EWF) Local #15.

twelve tribes

Tabernacle Israelites Built(illustration from 1897 Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us by Charles Foster)
Tabernacle The Israelites Built In The Wilderness(illustration from 1897 Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us by Charles Foster); each tribe was assembled around the Tabernacle(Tent of Meeting)

[COULD THE MANSIONS OF RAS TAFARI, HINT AT A CONGRUENCY TO THE NUMBERING OF THE TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL, FROM SCRIPTURES? hmmmm???… It doesn’t hurt to sight, again that one of the mansion that were formed was also called the “Twelve Tribes”] matter for examination*


But, let us not forget the success stories of our elders.  Even with all of the mishaps, and misfortune, our Ras Tafari family has risen to the occasion, time-&-time-again. ( by JAH grace!)  In sighting that, we here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations-RRR, hail up! : the elders & their family/generations that came after them that have, in spite of trials & tribulations made their “Repatriate Walks” & returns to Africa: especially in Shashamane-“The Promised Land” (ALL mansions; but few pictured; below).  We would also like to acknowledge the Ras Tafari family who have built Ras Tafari dwellings among others in various countries of the great continent of Africa. (for example: Ghana, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire, etc…please excuse I&I for the miss-mentionings) & let us not forget all of those, who support, the movement JAH people, in & of Ras Tafari.

RRR Hails Up, Ras Tafari elders like; Ras Moya, who have repatriated
RRR Hails Up, Ras Tafari elders like: Ras Moya, who have repatriated to Shashamane, Ethiopia; Africa


The preserved "Black Lion" Museum
The preserved “Black Lion” Museum_Shashamane, Ethiopia; Africa

Dr. Gladstone Robinson- Ras Fikre Selassie
Dr. Gladstone Robinson- Ras Fikre Selassie in Shashamane: repatriated from the USA [1964]
Screenshot Portion of the Certificate of the Shashamane Land Grant's first recipients James Piper & his wife.(who's name escapes I&I, at this time, unfirtunately...)
Screenshot Portion of the Certificate of the Shashamane Land Grant‘s first recipients James Piper & his wife: repatriated from Montserrat[1955]_(forgive I&I, as Mr. Piper’s wife, who’s name escapes I&I, at this time, unfortunately; who both were…)

Mr. James Piper
Mr. James Piper in Shashamane, Ethiopia

Ras Tafari in Cote d'Ivoire : article from Apr. 2012
Ras Tafari in Cote d’Ivoire : article from Apr. 2012
Cote d'Ivoire-Ras Tafari community: is also experiencing struggle with the governmental contingency of the Ivory Coast. (Ras Tafari; "Unite for the benefit of your people!...Bob Marley/Birhane Selassie_"Africa Unite")
Cote d’Ivoire-Ras Tafari community: is also experiencing struggle with the governmental contingency of the Ivory Coast. (Ras Tafari; “Unite for the benefit of your people!…Bob Marley/Birhane Selassie_”Africa Unite“)


-link below shows Abune Yesehaq; who by H.I.M.‘s order became the Archbishop of the Western Hemisphere, in Jamaica.(1970)

Ethiopian Oorthodox Tewahedo Church on Maxfield Ave. in  Kingston, Jamaica_was established in 1969(also was the Bob Marley place of Baptism into the by then Archbishop Yesehaq)_photo by Susan Moss
Ethiopian Oorthodox Tewahedo Church on Maxfield Ave. in Kingston, Jamaica_was established in 1969(also was the Bob Marley place of Baptism into the by then Archbishop Yesehaq)_photo by Susan Moss

— link below for African-American-Ethiopian relations

[Article Author: Tseday Tseday Alehegn: Editor-in-Chief- Tadias Magazine.]

Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. Logo
Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. Logo (1937)

RASpect to the U.K. Ras Tafari, & the bredrin

Tony Tafari, for this reasoning; also Ras Tafari

International.  May JAH Bless you & keep you!


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