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Daily Devotion

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By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea,

we wept, when we remembered Zion…(Psalms 137)

DailyDevotionPsalms_stamppdf. file download below;

Daily Psalms(LOJSociety-EthiopianTewahido Orthodox Church)

Haile Sellassie I Revised Amharic Holy Bible (R.A.B.) - መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ


Read Psalms in Amharic (Bamaringña):

Haile Sellassie I’s Authorized Royal Amharic Bible (1961) _ bible.org

Haile Sellassie I’s Authorized Royal Amharic Bible (1961) with KJV translation _ iyesus.com



Read Psalms in Hebrew (Be’Ibrīt):

Hebrew-English Bible_ According to the Masoretic Text JPS Edt. (1917) Tanakh_ mechom-mamre.org

WORD (bible software)

The WORD Bible Software _ theword.net

alep-taw.pdf _picHebrew Aleph-Taw.pdf 4-page document, download below from RRR;

Hebrew AlephTaw (RRR-doc-shareware)






YeSenbet Orit Nibab - (Readings of the Law) - [Amharic Torah.Aramaic Torah]__ Old Testament organizational readings of the Torah.  Concordances set to New Testament supplement and ancient texts.

Ethiopian Feedel_from the LOJS, Inc.
Ethiopian Feedel_from the LOJS, Inc.

3 responses to “Daily Devotion”

  1. Boquar tob Ahkhi, came across the site and its always great to see information about Hebrews being put out. How do you know that you are from the tribe of Yehuda? Pray the Most High blesses you and keeps us putting knowledge out. Shalom


    • Boker Ohr, (Greetings)
      Todah rabah(thx) for your comments, as well! I hope that we at RRR can continue to inspire people like yourself to learn & grow.
      & as far as, my Hebrew lineage through lineage through the tribe of Yehuda goes, that’s a very interesting story to say the least, but to keep it short & simple; my studies of the Scriptures brought me to certain point of understanding of my roots. Afterwards, I “tested the waters,” so to speak & took a DNA test for geneaology…(hint*) It wasn’t really necessary but, I was too curious at that point, so I did it. Long story short, the test brought results of me having the closest lineage ties to the Mandinga(Guinea-Bissau), Ethiopian Jewish(blood ties), Moroccan Jewish(blood ties), some partial Yemenite Jewish(blood ites), along with Libiyan Jewish & Ouidah, which encompassed much of West Africa before the time of my Lineage breach with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. So, in taking all of this in, I then began my Historical research into those prospective areas and the changes over the generations. (especially to those areas)
      So, 1)Scriptural study, 2)Ancestral research, & 3)Historical referencing, were the keys to me finding the truth about my roots.
      Thanks for that question & I hope you continue to check out the posts, here on the site?!


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