Ras Tafari Renaissance

RTR is Regenerating the Imperial Nägärït Gazetta (Newsletter) – [physical magazine—TBD]

The Negarit Gazetta (ነጋሪት ጋዜጣ : Amh.Eth); loosely translated from the Ethiopian Amharic language to = the Newsletter/Newpaper, & certainly served as such since the times of Emperor Menelik II and saw its first resurgence in the times of Emperor Haile Sellassie I, especially upon the reclamation of the Imperial Ethiopian Monarchy (Solomonic Dynasty) and retaining its “independent” status as a nation that was shortly occupied by Italy during time under Fascist-rule, in the persona of Benito Mussolini.

During the time period of 1942-1974, was when this compilation of lawful proclamations, current news, public policy, edicts, and much more became more of an ‘official’ journal of the Imperial Ethiopian government.

The Negarit Gazetta, published official laws in the Amharic & English languages on the 21st (፳፩) of the Ethiopian month of Megabiit (መጋቢት) | [converted to March 30th 1942]; & ratified its authority containing a provision that no law or bylaw would be officially recognized or held valid nor come into force, until it was published in the “Negarit Gazetta,” making the newsletter the official publishing arm of the Imperial Ethiopian government.

Usually, the newsletter would be published on a month-to-month basis, though it was not without its problems as in any country especially one seeking to retain its independent status in the time mass colonialism. Customary law wasn’t its focus with so many ethnic groups living very adjacent areas throughotr the country of Ethiopia, but it served as a large step forward in development.

The codification of Ethiopian law became a reality and moved Ethiopia into modernity, having Ethiopian governmental practices and actions established and verifiable in print.

In this endeavor the “Minister of the Pen” (ፀሐፈ ትእዛዝ ; Ts’ehafe Ti’ezaz; a governmental position of authority; a writ; journalist; chronicler) was empowered to publish the newsletter by order of the administration by 1943.

So, though the Ethiopian central governing body has changed throughout the years and each establishment post, the Imperial Monarchy had its version of the Negarit Gazetta, we here at Ras Tafari Renaissance. reserve our attachments, and due honest slant towards the re-establishment of the Imperial rendition. We shall also seek to make linkages to the Imperial Ethiopian Crown Council, as per the former newsletter being an relic of progression and economic and political development of this form of government. Other branches and establishments will be welcomed and discussed for possible collaboration to continue in posterity for the benefits of those to come but, until such critical matters are solidly cemented we will move in similar fashion, ‘unofficially’ until such edicts are brought to a head.

Follow-up with us on other platforms and keep watch for corresponding posts here;


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