Ras Tafari Renaissance

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,

This is another one of the many interpretations of the Scriptures from the light of Ras Tafari by, I, Lidj Yefdi (pronounced Lij, Yef-dee).

Ras Tafari Renaissance commemorates the Coronation & Wedding of His Imperial Majesty & Her Imperial Highness of Ethiopia.  Ras Tafari, holds this day in history as fulfillment of Scripture, & the beginning of the redemption of the children of Israel.  On November 2nd, 1930, the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen ushered in a new wave of pride in the black world.

November 2nd, 1930
November 2nd, 1930


Even before and during the inception of the League of Nations (now known widely as the United Nations); Not even the election of Barack Obama can be compared in scope with the coronation: Ethiopia had at the time never been occupied by a foreign power and remained the only uncolonized territory on the African continent. The nobility of the Ethiopian court and the respect it commanded through the League of Nations–and the success with which its head negotiated the hostile waters of the international political scene post-WWI, –– was lost on few.

Foreign Dignitaries present at the Coronation of H.I.M.
Foreign Dignitaries present at the Coronation of H.I.M.

Critically acclaimed National Geographic published an issue with the coronation as the cover story and lavished accolades onto the monarch in a way that was unprecedented in talking about Africans. Indeed, many attempts were made by media to discredit Selassie’s “blackness” – after all he was a descendant of King Solomon!

Coronation image _ painting by Afework Tekle
Coronation image _ painting by Afework Tekle

Custodianship of the popular opinion of Haile Selassie has gradually moved towards the Ras Tafari movement, as the movement itself has gained more freedoms, not in the least through the spread of Reggae music. This tradition has proved very efficient in disseminating basic knowledge to the more crucial information given of & about Selassie into popular conscience, especially in the Caribbean.  Just as old Ethiopians could swear on Selassie as being referred to as Janhoy – (meaning the Elephant, as in the Emperor who is greater than the King of the jungle, the Lion), throughout the English-speaking parts of the region it is common to substitute “God knows” with “Selassie I know.” Iconic images of His Imperial Majesty can be found virtually anywhere.

short list of the foreign delegation & dignitiaries in attendance of the Coronation – Nov. 2, 1930.

crowns of HIM-n-HER

Adjectives abound when discussing the long-reigning monarch; his political legacy is complex. But even his detractors tend to credit him with, for better or worse, ushering Ethiopia into the 20th century.





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