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Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


Ras Tafari Renaissance writes to give perspective to the Ethiopian commemoration of the Battle of Adwa.  A history changing event that shocked the world to its core.  At the time of the Battle of Adwa, the African continent was nearly colonized at every angle. due to to the “Scramble for Africa“.  The only two countries that hadn’t been colonized by European countries were Ethiopia & Liberia.  But even with all of this in the forefront, Ethiopia had defended itself well against Italian forces; saving the whole of Africa from total colonization.


The valiance of the Ethiopian people, in defense of their country, became a phenomenal example of unity, belief, heritage, & pride.  The Ethiopian people; men, women, & children, in some cases, banded together the banner of the Ethiopian flag: red, gold, & green to put aside their differences in ethnic origin, tribe, religion etc., to secure a future that would include all of them, on their own land.

contemporary artwork displaying the courageous acts of Empress Taitu Betul; wife of Emperor Menelik II & Ethiopian Empress.
contemporary artwork displaying the courageous acts of Empress Taitu Betul; wife of Emperor Menelik II & Ethiopian Empress.

The Treaty of Addis Ababa, formally brought an end to the First Italo-Ethiopian War, (in which the Battle of Adwa, was the pinnacle) whereas Italy officially recognized Ethiopia as a independant and sovereign state.  This treaty has been said to be a secret agreement, for more than scholars’ obvious reasons as Italy would eventually attempt to colonize Ethiopia again, in the coming Second Italo-Ethiopian War.

[Treaty of Addis; Oct. 23. 1896]

Emperor of Ethiopia Menelik II: Negus Nagast ze Ethiopia

For this celebration of the victory at the Battle of Adwa, I would also like to direct all of you to check out this video log from the Ghion Journal on this particular topic. Please, again support & contribute to spreading the news and views of our affiliates?!


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