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Davidic Worship: Roots Rock Reggae?!

Rastafari Talmud


“Reggae is a vehicle that is used to transmit a message of Redemption to the people on earth today. We use it for that…because I don’t see no other music that can carry the message as good as that it. Reggae is a heavy duty machine” Berhane Selassie “Light of The Trinity” a.k.a. Bob Marley.

Keeping It Levitical?!

The two Books of Chronicles form a Pattern of the Temple and it’s Priesthood, in House of David and The Tribe of Judah, as Guardians of the Temple, with references to the other tribes, and with some connected material.

1 Chronicles 25 | Commentary: 

COMMANDERS OF THE ARMY: Interestingly, the Priests and Levites here are designated by a military term: they are, in effect, the “Captains”/(Sarim) of The LORD’s “host” or armies (Tsabaot). In other words, they are “warring the warfare” of the Temple! Just as the whole nation of Israel…

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