Parashah 5 Haiye Sarah (חַיֵּי שָׂרָה) Part 1

Rastafari Talmud


During this portion we give great honor to The Matriarch of Our Nation: Sarah in Genesis 23 (For complete Parashah Overview please visit our Brother Site at  for Audio Reasonings within the Khaberim (חֲבֵרִים) “Community” Makhaber (ማኅበር) “Society” please visit our Brother Site Discipleship Radio at )

There are many great applicable lessons we may learn from studying the “Pattern/Type” tabneyt (תַּבְנִית) Abnet (አብነት) in the Life of Our Patriarch and Matriarch Abraham and Sarah. Sarah was a faithful sister-wife and companion of Abraham. Yet, in honoring her life, one object lesson that needs to be better understood, in proper context, is how YHWH, bestowed grace Grace upon her and Abraham and restored the Divine Balance between Man and Woman. To gain this understanding, one historical fact that must be considered is that of the ignorantly excessive and carnal “‘Pantheistic goddess worship:’ worshipping the created and not recognizing the Tri-Unity…

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