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✡ Sukkot(סֻכּוֹת)-Feast of Tabernacles ✤ Das Be’Al(ዳስ በዓል)-Feast of Booths âœ¡

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


This is Lidj Yefdi, wishing everyone a very blessed Sukkot! Ras Tafari Renaissance apologizes for not posting for this memorial earlier, as the Sukkot celebration began for this year.  Other names for this High Holy Day, are the “Festival of Booths,” the “Tabernacles,” and the “Ingathering.”


The Festival of Sukkot begins on the 15th, of the Hebrew month of Tishrei & is observed for seven days. (five days after Yom Kippur) 

[Lev. 23: 34- ; Deut. 16: 13-15]


Sukkot is the third, of the Shalosh Regalim or the “Three Pilgrimage Festivals of Israel.”

Shalosh Regalim- Three Pilgrimage Festivals; in which an emphasis on men of the Hebrew lineage were to make for the God of Israel.

Sukkot is a very joyous festival/feast day, & there are various ways of maintaining observances.  In the final of day of the memorial of Sukkot, the day is referred to as HoShanna Rabbah, which is a special observance with the use of bundling willow branches.

Sukkot_4 Species

Sukkot, in summation is the children of Israel residing in a temporary state, resembling & calling to remembrance the time in the wilderness post-Exodus but, pre-entering into the Land of Promise.

Hebrew Sukkah - L, & an Ethiopian Tekul - R.

Ethio-Hebrew Shalosh Reglaim (translated from "Lidj Y.e.f.d.i." [Yohannis welde-Immanuel])

Ethio-Hebrew Shalosh Regalim (translated from “Lidj Y.e.f.d.i.” [Yohannis welde-Immanuel])


Leviticus 23: 33-36

Deuteronomy 16: 13-16

Sukkot-Tabernacles(Booths) 2014 BLOOD MOON lunar eclipse.NASA