Ras Tafari Renaissance

Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


I welcome you all to one of the many interpretations of the Scriptures from the light of Ras Tafari by, I, Lidj Yefdi (pronounced Lij, Yef-dee). I assure you that if you are patient with me, come with a willing mind and heart(ready to learn), you will receive more than what you might have asked for, in seeking the perspective of a Ras Tafarian’s I-sight (eyesight) into the study of the Scriptures. So,with this Hebrew Shabbot(or Sabbath day) if those who actually open up their Bibles to read in a Jewish/Hebrew cycle of readings, & thoroughly discern, have come to the Torah portion of Yitro-יִתְרוֹ.  On the Jewish or Hebraic Calendar in this year 5774, this Sabbath day would probably fall on the 16th-טז, & the 17th-יז, of the month of Shebet-שְׁבָט, for this week, in this mode of study; for those out in the diaspora or outside of Jerusalem/Israel.  (The Hebrew Calendar corresponds to a Lunar cycle of the Moon) &, from an Ethiopic-Christian perspective, in what may be known as the year 2006/2026/7506, on the Ethiopic calendar.  This calculation, with its readings from the Scriptures, would align to the 9th-፱, & the 10th-፲, on the (ወርኀ)month of T’r(ጥር).  In the Scriptures, what is also known as Yotor-ዮቶር.  The Ethiopic calendar is solar (with its correspondence to the Sun) aligns to this Sabbath (or Senbet-ሰንበት) in the Ethiopian language of Amharic, which is currently one of the languages of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (the other language being Ge’ez-(ግእዝ).


Exodus 18:1- 20:23

Isaiah 6:1- 7:6

Isaiah 9:5-6

Matthew 5: 8-20

This portion of the study of the Scriptures brings in, Yitro/Yotor-, or the name of the Moses’ father-on-law, Jethro.  Jethro, the priest of Midian.

yitro - parsha [Exodus - Midian]

Jethro, took Ts’ipporah, Moses‘s wife, and their two sons, Gershom & Eliezer, to meet him in the wilderness.  Moses, began to tell his father-in-law about the happenings in Egypt, between the people of that land and the children of Israel; & Jethro saw favor on Moses, and Israel.

[Exo. 18: 1-9]

Jethro & Moses _ by James J. Tissot
Jethro & Moses _ by James J. Tissot

Jethro, then blessed the God of Israel, Moses, & the people.  But, he then saw how the people were bringing every problem that arose, (small or massive), to Moses for him to solve.  Jethro, then told Moses, that the thing he was doing would take its toll on him.  Instead, discerning between every single matter among Israel, he instructed Moses to appoint, heads of certain numbers between the people.  Thus, lightening the load of carrying the entire weight of responsibility for Israel on his shoulders.

[Exo. 18: 10-27]

mount sinai

YHWH, commanded Moses, to speak to the children of Israel, to sanctify themselves for the God would speak with them, upon the mountain they had come to from Rephidim, to the mountain in the wilderness.

[Exo. 19: 1-16]


Moses, then received the words of God to Israel, there in the wilderness of Sinai.

[Exo. 19: 17- 20: 23

decalogue-10 commandments-tablets-old hebrew

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