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Greetings in the name of His & Her Imperial Majesties Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I & Itege Menen Asfaw,


I, Lidj Yefdi (pronounced Lij, Yef-dee), welcome you all to yet another post here at Ras Tafari Renaissance. I also thank everyone who has supported the efforts put forth here.  I, Lidj Yefdi, on behalf of Ras Tafari Renaissance, offer the utmost gratitude.

On this post Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations-RRR would like to acknowledge and show our appreciation for one’s individual unprecedented diligence, determination, dedication(more Ras Tafari enlightened= “livication” [live-i-cation]) in identifying, locating, collecting and preserving vast amounts of memorabilia pertaining to Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Imperial Monarchy, Emperor Haile Sellassie I, Reggae music, Ras Tafari Livity, Jamaica, Africa & the Holy Herb: from  relatively common place, to the items that more than likely could’ve been utilized in the Imperial Palaces, themselves; also items of significance coined, by that, of Reggae music.

We here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations send our thanks, and show our respect to someone who has taken it upon themselves to show to the world that an inheritance such as Imperial Ethiopia, should have, not only have a significant place in OUR hearts (speaking of Ras Tafarians & Ethiopians; in Ethiopia & in the diaspora, in particular & respectively) but, also to others of the world.  For someone like this to freely attempt to preserve artifacts from all of these related categories, and things of similar categories whether for altruistic reasons, the issue remains that the importance of the Solomonic Dynasty & all it has inspired, as well as, those who hold it in an esteemed position have found a friend in this bredrin.  Brothers & sisters , we here at Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations, officially(I-fficially) thank bredrin Jim Marshall.

RRR commends bredrin Jim Marshall, for keeping alive memories, relics, artifacts, ephemera,  and items of great intrinsic and sentimental value among those who value Ethiopian antiquity.  We also commend his work in collecting & sharing these hard to find collectable items with other collectors.  We also certainly appreciate comments he makes uplifting the history and people of Ethiopia and its diaspora,  especially when his motivation is noted by comments such as; “…At all times, I want to offer the largest possible selection of authentic & vintage items on these subjects…”  Jim Marshall.

The books known as the World of Reggae, featuring Bob Marley(ብርሃነ ሰላሴ-Birhane Selassie) by Roger Steffens,  Stir It Up by and David Cupples, as well as, the new printing by Tsehai Publishing of Haile Sellassie’s Government by Christopher Clapham, also have all recognized the efforts to shine the light on Imperial Ethiopia and related subjects by bredrin Jim Marshall.

He is also to be commended for recently accepting a granting of the honor, rank and dignity of Grand Officer of the Order of the Star of Ethiopiaawarded by His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Sellassie Haile-Sellassie & the Ethiopian Crown Council which he hails as “his GREATEST and MOST HUMBLING honor in his life, by far.”  They gave him this high ranking and venerable Order of Chivalry for what they termed “…for his decades of selfless work on behalf of the Sellassie family, the nation of Ethiopia, & the Solomonic Dynasty…”
bredrin Jim Marshall
bredrin Jim Marshall
Haile Selassie's Government _ by Christopher Clapham
Haile Selassie’s Government _ by Christopher Clapham
Order of the Star of  Ethiopia, awarded to bredrin Jim Marshall, by H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile Selassie for service in preserving historical items of Imperial Ethiopia.
Order of the Star of Ethiopia, awarded to bredrin Jim Marshall, by H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile Selassie for service in preserving historical items of Imperial Ethiopia.

Ras Tafari Renaissance Revelations-RRR, presents this post to promote this bredrin’s efforts & also hopefully inspire others, among the Ras Tafari family to also preserve Imperial Ethiopian collectibles (whether it be literature, art, or any other items) , in this manner; like bredrin Jim Marshall and by other means.  Again, we applaud and sincerely thank bredrin Jim Marshall for a work of selfless sacrifice & service to the King of Kings of Ethiopia.

May JAH guide & protect him, all the days of his life!

….some items available that can serve as a snippet of the great variety of items bredrin Jim Marshall always has available…

possible items still available...(please, contact bredrin Jim Marshall, for further information, and details on selective items
possible items still available…(please, contact bredrin Jim Marshall, for further information, and details on selective items

NOTES: from bredrin Jim Marshall

…invites all to enjoy searching for more items to acquire regarding, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellassie I, Ethiopia, Reggae, Ras Tafari, Jamaica, the Holy Herb, or Africa; in his archives.  Books, periodicals, medals, insignia and Orders of Chivalry (such as the one awarded to bredrin Jim Marshall) and more are all available.  Many of the books available are signed by the authors, so inquire about what you see fit, family…

For, more detailed information, the bredrin has provided a link for his notes via facebook here;


for inquiries, on items of bredrin Jim Marshall,

please, make contact using rastafarilives@excite.com

[payment arrangements can be made via Paypal, with the

above mentioned email address.]  Others can contact

through Facebook, (search for rastafarilives@excite.com) {if requesting

friendship, for possible transactions, please make sure that

the reasons are clear, in the friend requests; bredrin Jim

Marshall’s friend list is nearly filled to capacity}.

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