Allow Me To Introduce This Dissimenation…


Here, I will take the time to bring about the studies of Torah or the Tanakh, which have become what is known as the Holy Bible of today; from a Ras Tafarian perspective. Given many have sought to understand what Ras Tafarians actually think & see in their own interpretation of the Scriptures. I must disclaim that this blog is of my own understanding of the Scriptures, which I received from many sources. Though others may see parallels to other interpretations when compared to this one I will present for people to see; PLEASE TAKE THIS TESTIMONY AS MY OWN, FROM MY OWN UNDERSTANDING. I’am no priest, rabbi, or ordained minister by the standards of what people know as of, in today’s society. I’am simply a humble individual who has received what has been given to share one’s own revelation with others who may or may not seek to do the same; or even just want to pick a Ras Tafarian’s brain on certain topics which they have scattered thoughts about. ( please, keep an open mind, share your thoughts, questions, and so forth & I will sincerely try my best to answer them with the most accuracy I’am able to bring forth.)

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