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Here, I will take the time to bring about the studies of Torah or the Tanakh, which have become what is known as the Holy Bible of today; from a Ras Tafarian perspective. Given many have sought to understand what Ras Tafarians actually think & see in their own interpretation of the Scriptures. I must disclaim that this blog is of my own understanding of the Scriptures, which I received from many sources. Though others may see parallels to other interpretations when compared to this one I will present for people to see; PLEASE TAKE THIS TESTIMONY AS MY OWN, FROM MY OWN UNDERSTANDING. I’am no priest, rabbi, or ordained minister by the standards of what people know as of, in today’s society. I’am simply a humble individual who has received what has been given to share one’s own revelation with others who may or may not seek to do the same; or even just want to pick a Ras Tafarian’s brain on certain topics which they have scattered thoughts about. ( please, keep an open mind, share your thoughts, questions, and so forth & I will sincerely try my best to answer them with the most accuracy I’am able to bring forth.)

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5 responses to “Allow Me To Introduce This Dissimenation…”

  1. I am very much interested in the Rasta movement and its origins. I have read several books on Rasta and know of Howell to be the founder. Hibbert and Dunkly, others associated with him and possible ties to Masonry. I joined the Ethiopian Zion Coptics as a young man. The Coptics were a mansion of Rastafari and was founded by a Jesuit Catholic, according to Coptics the founder Williams goes back to the 1930’s but very little is known about him. And I didn’t come to the church until 1975 and the founder had been dead since 1970. I wrote Marijuana and the Bible-available at Amazon books. Currently working on a third edition and including more on the Rasta movement. In our church we were taught that ganja is the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. Would love to know if any early founders are credited with that revelation. I know the masons had some history with ganja and also that the East Indians used it sacramentally for realizing the god within. I recently became aware of gnosticism which sheds new light on early Chistianity and realizing the Christ within. I plan to address this in my third edition.


    • I sincerely thank you, for your contributions, & look forward to your literary works’ completion. The story of the Ethio. Zion Coptics, is a necessity for an understanding of the Ras Tafari movement as a whole. It should be told by people like yourself who’ve had some experience and interaction within that particular community.

      To, answer your question on whether there were earlier Rastas who promoted the idea of ganja/marijuana/cannabis, being the “healing of the nations,” and/or the Biblecal Tree of Life; that has many layers from my own research and findings. I can say for certain that early exclaimers of the Ras Tafari movement like: Mortimer Planno (whom was a mentor of “Bob” Marley, certainly was quoted) but, even so today, we have Rastas who’re expounding on this notion utilizing Scriptural references. Findings within the Old Testament (Torah) give way to possibly earlier understandings of the plant making connotations to its scientific nomenclature.

      Calamus; which shows up in Biblecal texts three (3) times, in some circles, has become loosely associated with what we know today as ‘cannabis.’
      The Hebrew concordances (Zondervan & Strong) #H7070 [קָנֶה] define it as such: … – aromatic reed, stalk, water-plant, & many other synonyms. But, these are ALL still up-to-debate as terminology.

      Again, thank you for contributions and I look forward to seeing the completion of your work!
      – Ras Yefdeyah/Lidj Yefdi of RasTafariRenaissance.com


      • Thankyou for your thoughtful reply. If you would like a copy of my second edition of Marijuana and the Bible please send an address and I will have one mailed to you. A lot of good history on the spiritual use of ganja throughout history with a special emphasis on the Bible. My third edition will contain more on the Rasta movement and Gnosticism. Gnostic gospels were discovered in Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945 shedding new light on early Christianity. Gnostics taught Oneness and also finding the Christ within. One Love

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