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Sabbath Readings’ Companion Book

– the Ras Tafari Sabbath Companion Booklet to the cyclical Torah Readings. Hebraic in essence, & Christened in interpretation. A very valuable tool when teaching to children, or introducing one’s self to the Judaic/Hebraic forms of approaching study of the Scripture in entirety.


Ethiopian Bible Society’s Amharic Holy Bible Dictionary

NEW PRINTED EDITION!!! AVAILABLE (Outside of Ethiopia)! The official “AMHARIC DICTIONARY OF THE HOLY BIBLE.” Originally compiled as a study companion to the 1961-62′ Authorized Revised Amharic Bible, during the times H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I of Ethiopia, sometimes referred to as the “Emperor’s Bible.” This revised and reloaded edition printed from Valiancy Publishing continues the tradition of Ethiopian Orthodox-Tewahedo Christianity intense study & application of the Holy Bible.


1st Ras Tafari Passover Hagaddah _ written & compiled by Ras Iadinos Tafari

For (FREE) pdf.version visit link= https://rastafarimidrashim.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/arastafaripassoverhaggadah3a.pdf